Why Do Woman Get morning sickness

No one knows for sure why pregnant women get morning sickness. However, research and medical studies show a direct correlation between morning sickness and physical changes in the body. This common occurrence, of course, revolves around nausea during pregnancy – as well as vomiting due to stomach discomfort of sensitivities to certain foods and odors. While morning sickness is common, not all pregnant women experience it. For those that do, however, the following are some possible causes of experiencing nausea and vomiting when pregnant.

Enhanced Sense of Smell and Sensitivity to Odors

It’s no secret that most pregnant women will experience enhanced senses of smell. They will also have heightened sensitivities to certain odors – particularly food. Certain aromas instantly trigger the gag reflex, which is also related to higher levels of estrogen. As a result, pregnant women will have nausea and possibly vomit. In order to quell these sensations, they must follow what their obstetricians or primary care physicians recommend. This is usually chewing gum or mint, along with taking anti-nausea medications. The doctor will determine the best route of action to take.

Higher Levels of Estrogen

Estrogen is an essential hormone, which rises rapidly during pregnancy. Estrogen is said to be a main cause of morning sickness – but that has still not been 100% confirmed by leading doctors and obstetricians.

Sensitive Stomachs

Sensitive stomachs play a major role in morning sickness for pregnant women. In fact, a pregnant woman’s gastrointestinal tract can become more sensitive – due to changes in early pregnancy. Studies also show that stomach bacterium – called Helicobacter pylori – may also cause nausea and vomiting. H-pylori infections affect the lining of the intestines and stomach, and can cause problems in the esophagus as well.


Stress due to pregnancy anxiety can also cause morning sickness. In order to control these responses, pregnant women must abide by their doctor’s recommendations across the board. This includes taking it easy and getting plenty of rest soon you are gone be a Mamie.


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