Book Your Stellenbosch Wine Tour With Explore Sideways For An Unforgettable Experience.

The Cape Winelands is recognised for its vast vineyards and outstanding selection of wineries. But even though Stellenbosch wineries are famous for its incredible wine tasting experiences,  there’s a lot more to provide the average tourist than just wine. Nestled among the Cape Dutch buildings, this small university town is surrounded by the iconic Cape Winelands. Together with the historic oak trees, winding back roads, and art galleries there are many excellent Stellenbosch wineries.

Experience the best wine route and wine farms in Stellenbosch Cape Town by booking your Stellenbosch wine tour with Explore Sideways. Visit a variety of first class wine farms, taste some excellent wines and uncover the very best that this area has to offer. For any wine lover visiting South Africa, we suggest that you go to both the well-known wine estates as well as several of the smaller sized ones to be able to immerse yourself in the Cape wine culture. These lesser identified routes are suggested for people that are looking for an authentic, and more rustic experience.

Explore Sideways offers an exclusive full day Stellenbosch wine tour, where you will discover the Stellenbosch wine region along with a private wine guide. They also offer you a wide range of other private tours. They are the leader in curating immersive food & wine tours in Cape Town and its surrounding areas. You can enjoy enriching, and unforgettable experiences, as qualified experts introduce you to the hidden gems of Cape Town and the Winelands. Each experience is tailored to individual preferences and provides access to the most magical places in and around the Cape. It is possible to also customise your very own tour for an exclusive experience.

Pickup and drop-off services at your accommodation are also available in and around Cape Town.

Visit site here and book a Stellenbosch wine tour with Explore Sideways and discover the hidden treasures and hot spots of the Winelands along with your local, specialist guide.


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